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Will go for civil uprising if negotiation fail: Noor

AT-KABUL: The ousted Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor, has warned of civil uprising if the ongoing negotiations with the government bear no result.

Currently, delegation from Jamiat-e-Islami political party has been engaged in talks with the government over what appears to convince President Ashraf Ghani to revoke Noor’s resignation, or meet their other demands.

Recently, President Ghani accepted resignation of Noor with appointing Mohammad Dawood as his successor—but this sparked anger of Noor, which he still consider himself as governor of northern Balkh province.

Noor, who is also Chief Executive of Jamiat party, speaking during a gathering in Mazar-e-Sharif, said the first round of talks between Jamiat and the government has been organized.

“I prefer negotiations,” Noor said, while called on the people to be ready for civil uprising if negotiations turned vain.

I am the governor, Noor once again reiterated, adding “I will remain as governor until the end of National Unity Government’s tenure.”

Noor said that he tendered his resignation, but was based on conditions which are not fulfilled.

However, his successor Mohammad Dawood, has said that the president stands firm on his decision.

It has been over two weeks that ‘Dawood’ has been appointed as new Balkh governor, but still to takeover officially due to refusal of his predecessor ‘Noor’ from office that he obtained for 13 years.

“I frequently meet with President Ghani, and he repeatedly said that he is firm on his decision and I have told him that I am ready to go (to Balkh),” Dawood told 1TV in Kabul.

“The President is kind-hearted. He wants peace among people and he has always told me to be patient and that he would resolve the issue peacefully,” Dawood added.

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