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Will reject election result if non-biometric votes count, Presidential candidates warn

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KABUL: Some presidential contenders urge the invalidation of the non-biometric ballots, warning to reject the results if the non-biometric votes were counted as valid ballots.

Rahmatollah Nabil, one of the runners for presidency, accuses President Ghani’s electoral team of organizing rallies to try to validate the non-biometric votes.

Nabil said on Friday that Ghani had met with a number of rivals in the election, promising them senior government posts if they accept the non-biometric ballots be counted.

“They (Ghani’s team) have started a series of moves lately and are trying to make fraud by the money they have earned from legitimate and illegitimate sources. They have met some electoral candidates and have promised them money and government posts if to encourage them accept the non-biometric votes be counted,” Nabil said.

“Let me tell you simply that they want the sheep votes to form an illegitimate government and rule the people,” said Mohammad Shahab Hakimi, another presidency hopeful, referring to a cipher sentence allegedly used by some people to make fraud in the 2014 presidential election.

Ghani’s electoral team denies Nabil’s accusations, saying that the election commission was the only authorized body to decide whether to validate the non-biometric votes or not.

We pay respect to what the independent election commission decides on the non-biometric votes,” said Najib Azad, head of the secretariat of Ghani’s electoral team.

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