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“Will retaliate Pakistan rocket attacks with rocket”

AT News Report-KABUL: The government of Afghanistan threatened Saturday it would respond Pakistan’s rocket attacks by rockets if Islamabad continues the attacks.

Pakistani warplanes dropped four bombs on the villages of the Dangam district in the eastern province of Kunar Wednesday night, according to the Afghan officials, who condemned the attacks as “clear violation of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

The defense ministry said that army units in the bordering provinces of Nooristan and Kunar were at high alert to immediately fire rockets at Pakistan soil if any rocket comes from Pakistan side.

The ministry’s spokesman Mohammad Radmanesh said that a military delegation traveled to Pakistan to discuss the rocket attacks.

The comments come a day after Pakistan prime minister visit to Kabul who said of his country’s efforts in resolving mutual problems in conversations with Afghan authorities.

“There was no rocket attack from Pakistan since we announced to respond and also we are waiting for the result of talks between Afghan and Pakistani military officials. But we will strongly respond any attack,” Radmanesh said.

Meanwhile, Pakistani army fired some 600 rockets on Dangam district only in 24 hours that injured a woman and left many damages, according to provincial spokesman, Abdul Ghani Mosammem.

But Pakistani foreign ministry rejected claims over attacking Afghan soil, saying Pakistan army launched operations inside their country against “terrorists who had come from Afghanistan”.

Security analysts want President Ashraf Ghani to seriously demand Pakistan prime minister to stop attacks on Afghan territory.

Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, a security expert said that Pakistan uses intelligence war against Afghanistan.

“When they (Pakistanis) see reactions from Afghan side, they stop attacks to prevent a national movement, but this is temporarily and they will continue attacks.”


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