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Will the Taliban ever listen to ulema?

Since the power of interpreting religious as well as political and tribal affairs and principles and resolve disputes arising from the meaning of the law rests with the ulema, therefore, their say has a greater role and effect. Scores of ulema (religious scholars) from eastern Nangarhar province slammed chaos and mayhem across the country and said that fighting against the government is un-Islamic. Yet unfortunately the Taliban have been at war with the government and the civilian population. Where there is confusion there is profit and where there is discord exploitation becomes rife in such a society. They want discord. They want confusion. Nevertheless, the condemnation of the ulema is a positive sign as it will discourage the anti-government propaganda being unleashed by the Taliban. The ulema came together on Friday and vowed their support to the government, its security forces and the people of the country. They categorically termed the war against the government as “haram”—un-Islamic. Terror, bloodshed, and chaos, all these things are in contradiction to the peaceful teachings of Islam. Terror is disease that affects all but with varying degrees. They refuse your worth. Sometimes kill you at your very own home when you are armless. They don’t discriminate. They kill all alike. Children, women, elderly, armed and unarmed have no difference for them. Whoever doesn’t stand in their rank and camp is their rival.  Being persecuted at the hands of the coldblooded militants, the people of Andar, a district in Ghazni took up arms. The same happened in Paktia. Kunar followed the suit. People were up in arms in Maiwand district of southern Kandahar against the Taliban. All this is happening in reaction to the Taliban’s brutalities. All of us are war-weary. And all of us want peace. However, it was Ghazni’s Andar where for the first time people stood against the Taliban, and thus Andar became the pioneer. Now the religious scholars of Nangarhar became the pioneers in showing the path to the Taliban by taking a daring step and unyoking the fear being created by the terror wave that the militants has unleashed. It’s a tragedy that majority of people remain silent while a few stand against the Taliban. They stand against their oppression and cruelty. Though, the Taliban apparently claim they stand for liberation, women’s honor, the dignity of the religious scholars, but at the same time they kill those ulema who speak the truth. And at the same time they kill women and push the nation into bondage and poverty. There are two ways of lying. The one is not to tell the truth and the other is to stand with an oppressor. Those religious scholars, who are afraid of the Taliban and cannot dare to tell the truth, are actually lying in both ways. They are not telling the truth and they are standing with the oppressors. They must know that you cannot believe in God until you believe truly in His religion that stress on peace and says that don’t never spill the blood of innocent people on the earth. If the Taliban just stop telling lies about the war, we will have peace the next day.

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