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Will transparent elections on way?

We are getting closer to the date of legislative and district council elections (October 20th) day after day. People are going to elect their representatives for the House of Nation for the third time since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan that ended Taliban’s rule in 2001.

Both the government and the Independent Election Commission have vowed that everything was ready for a transparent election with the least fraud.

As efforts are done to institutionalize democracy in the country after decades of war and anarchy, people are happy that they can go to polls and form a democratic governance system just like other nations, and running elections is a part of it, because through this, the people can join and see themselves in the body of administration by sending their trustworthy representatives for the decision-making house.

Election reflects the determination of a country’s people who want to make their destiny. The government’s pledges for transparent election sound sweet for people. People in the past gave great sacrifices just to go to the polls and practice democracy. They were threatened by the armed opposition groups, lost their fingers, banned from going back to their villages and were even killed.

Despite difficulties and problems, the nation showed it was decisive to make its destiny and threats cannot prevent the people from going to democracy.

In the upcoming election which is probably followed by presidential and provincial council elections next April, still there are some problems ahead. Unfortunately, security situation is not only bad as it was in the previous years, but is worsening and this is clear to the people, government and election organizers. Providing security for the voters and the voting centers in every site looks impossible. So, how can people defy it that threatens their lives?

Secondly, the biometric system and distribution of electronic ID cards are in a standstill. Though President Ghani inaugurated the process of electronic ID card distribution and received his card along with some other senior officials, but the process is yet to reach the people. This is in fact a matter of controversy as the chief executive is against the president’s decision.

If people are not distributed with electronic ID cards, they will witness an election full of fraud that would victimize their efforts to choose honest and good people.

Large amounts were spent only on the biometric and electronic ID card project, but after years waiting, the process is seen at the zero point.

Now, the question is that considering these obstacles that seriously challenge the election process, will we have transparent elections?

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