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Wiping out polio: 6m children to immunize in 21-province

AT News Report-KABUL: Despite the ongoing conflict, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Saturday announced anti-polio drive to immunize at least six million children in 21 provinces against the crippling virus.

MoPH in a statement, said the first phase of anti-polio drive would be run in extremely susceptible areas within the listed 21 provinces, where children have been at risk of the attack of polio virus, adding later on, the campaign could be extended to the whole country.

Elaborating the anti-polio campaign, the statement said 6.1 million children of age five would be immunized against the polio virus, adding vaccinators would go home to home in their respective areas to vaccinate each and every child.

Preventing the possible spread of polio viruses in winter, the anti-polio drive has been kicked off just two weeks after the previous campaign, the statement added.

The polio virus is mostly spread during this period of winter. The MoPH efforts of eradicating polio from the surface of Afghanistan are commendable. However, the ministry with the close support of the international community, especially, the United Nations relevant agencies has much to deliver. Support of the tribal elders, religious scholars, civil society activists and public representatives is important to extend and successfully run the anti-polio drive in the remote areas, under the partial or complete control of Taliban militants.

The MoPH informed regarding three polio-positive cases that have been registered in the southern Kandahar and eastern Nangarhar provinces during this solar year.

According to experts, effective anti-polio drive is way forward to save lives and health of our children from this crippling polio virus, adding the disease could not be treated easily once infected a child. The experts emphasized on collective efforts and continued campaign to eradicate polio virus.





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