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WJ to approve budget for Chief Executive’s Office next week

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Budget for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) could not be approved by the Wolesi Jirga due to lack of quorum.

The budget would be put for approval next week. Some lawmakers had differences over legality of the CEO office as well.

Shukria Barekzai, an MP from Kabul, said that creation of the CEO post was against the constitution. However, many lawmakers said that the National Unity Government itself was against the constitution but was need of the time to prevent the country from going towards political chaos.

Fawzia Kofi and Abdul Satar Khawasi were among those lawmakers who supported formation of the CEO office and termed it vital for securing national interests.

No one should interpret constitution based on their own wish for their personal benefits, said Fawzia Kofi, an MP from Badakhshan. The government was established in order to prevent disputes, she said.

Abdul Satar Khawasi said that both leaders of the government including the president and CEO were working legally and according to the national interests. “Therefore, the lawmakers must not discuss such useless issues and consider the national interests important,” he said.

Shekiba Hashemi, a lawmaker from Kandahar, was also among those MPs who pub weight behind the current government. She said that stuffing of ballot boxes with fake votes was also against the constitution but many people did it. Therefore, no one should interpret the constitution based on their own will or personal hostility.

According to reports, Shukria Barekzai was annoyed when Abdullah Abdullah denied accepting her as chief of the electoral reform commission.

Speaker of the WJ, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, termed creation of the CEO post vital for national unity and interests. He said that the topic does not need further debate as most of the lawmakers are agreed to accept the government and the CEO as legal.

He said that approval of the budget for the CEO would be on agenda in the next session.

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