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Woes of immigrants

Most of the European Union member states are selective in their approach towards immigrants, especially Afghans. Skepticism and discriminatory political ideologies are eclipsing the authentic voice of those Afghan immigrants who face genuine problems. The western audiences see regular media glimpses in this aspect, but their governments are not ready to own the reality that Afghans are the real victims of terrorism, poverty, corruption and political oppression. However, they shall see the ground realities from the perspective of NATO soldiers who served in the war-ravaged country. Surely, the real life experiences of these soldiers would push their respective governments towards understanding of the important challenges that Afghans are facing.

Despite the fact that if one has to ask a citizen of any western country to picture the war-hit Afghanistan, he or she would probably see ruined buildings and insurgents lashing women, but several industrial countries are not ready to open borders for Afghan immigrants. Macedonia and Serbia are also participating in the crackdown on Afghan asylum-seekers.  Macedonian government has banned entry of Afghan immigrants. Macedonia is allowing only Iraqis and Syrians to enter. It serves as a reminder to Afghan politicians and those who want to leave the country in search of better future. As far as the Afghan government is concerned, it has failed to protest this discriminatory decision. On the other hand, scores of Afghans are still leaving the country despite knowing risk of deportation.

There is no denying to the fact that over three-decade war has left the country in shambles and inflicted severe damage. However, the trend of illegal immigration should not be allowed to gain further popularity. At the same time, the woes of the immigrants and Afghans living in their country should not go unnoticed. It is also true that many of these immigrants do not face real threats. Furthermore, human trafficking should be discouraged at all levels by the government, pressure groups and international community. Afghanistan needs talented local brains in this period of great turmoil. Unfortunately, the government and its western allies equally share the blame for repeated political and security setbacks and Taliban resurgent that pushed people to leave the country.

In order to discourage illegal immigration, the European Union (EU) should allow the Afghan asylum-seekers to enter because discrimination would give space to hatred. Once they enter the process of submitting application and facts verifications should be accelerated. Potential immigrants back at home would be discouraged if they see that people with fake cases have been deported. It will also provide relief to those who face real threats. As a second step, the EU shall pressurize the Afghan government to root out corruption and fight favoritism. The industrial countries can also help Kabul in drafting positive results producing economic and security policies. Poverty and insecurity are key issues mentioned in almost all asylum cases. Afghanistan has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands jobs given that the government works wholeheartedly and is supported by the allies. Similarly, the EU can help the Afghan leadership to improve security situation by providing financial and technical assistance. Only boots on the ground, statements and change in attitude will not change the situation.

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