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Wolesi Jirga concerns over civilian casualties

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Monday expressed deepest concerns over recent civilian casualties across the country. Wolesi Jirga members asked government and the insurgents to pave utmost attention to prevent civilian casualties during conflict throughout the country.

“All provinces are insecure, but condition in Northern provinces is more critical particularly in Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul provinces,” said Wolesi Jirga Member Abdul Satar Darzabi.

He said that since two day conflicts resumed in Aqcha, Qushtepa and Darzab districts.

Although Afghan army operating in the area, but mostly civilian suffered in the area, he added.

Coming up with an example, he said that yesterday and last night airstrike have been conducted in an area in the mentioned district to target enemies, but unfortunately people who made brick all civilian were killed and wounded.

He stated that Ministry of Defense must make decision to run ground operation along with airstrike in order to get good result and push back enemies in the districts.

Strengthening of police and local uprisers are also a great option in defeating Taliban in the district, which must be focused by related organs, he asserted.

Another Member of the Wolesi Jirga Arian Yon said that “security situation get worse day by day and the most victims are civilians.”

She said that in the last two months mostly civilian were killed during attacks by insurgents.

Similar during operation and airstrike by Afghan and foreign troops also civilian sustain casualties, she added.

She elaborated that civilian were killed and wounded during airstrike in Nangarhar, Logar and Shindan of Herat provinces in the past two months.

It is required of all conflict involved parties to consider civilian casualties serious and take step for solution, she insisted.

Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi while calling civilian casualties a matter of concern, asked all involved parties to take measure in order to protect civilians across the country.

According to expert Taliban mostly rely over suicide attack and planting mine in roadside, markets, mosque and public areas which is one of the main reasons behind high civilian casualties including women and children across the country. Also in some case Taliban using as shield civilians in some districts, which also lead to civilian casualties.

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