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Wolesi Jirga flays Muslimyar over IEC ‘threatening’ remarks

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KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga while reacting to Meshrano Jirga Chairman’s remarks during the general session on Wednesday condemned the use of disrespecting and irresponsible words and said the lower house denounced such comments.

This comes as earlier, the IEC head HawaAlamNuristani during a press conference had said that all non-biometric votes cast in the presidential election would be rejected.But Senate Chairman FazalHadiMuslimyaron Tuesday told the upper house that the IEC decision to invalid non-biometric votes was depriving people of their right and warned they would force the commission into counting non-biometric votes as valid. “We would count these votes on “her father,” he threatened.

Some lower house members on Wednesday said that a lawmaker should avoid using threatening words and shouldn’t violate the law by interfering in the electoral bodies’ affairs.

The house speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani, said: “Such remarks are tense and rejected. They should be firmly avoided in order to keep the reputation of the National Assembly intact.”

Rahmani said those remarks were insulting and didn’t have a lawful justification.

Lawmaker Mohammad ArifRahmani also criticized Muslimyar’s comments regarding non-biometric votes and said: “This is shameful that such words were expressed by a person who legislates, but considers himself above the law.”

This is while later Muslimyar during an interview with state-run RTA TV channel apologized to the IEC head for using unfair words but stressed nobody will be allowed to interfere in the national process and that he firmly stood on his position that the non-biometric votes should be validated.

ArifRahmani stressed that Muslimyar should also tender an apology to the people.

Some Wolesi Jirga members said first Muslimyar spoke against the law but later sought apology and they stressed that the Senate chairman should also seek apology from the people.

However, there were some other lawmakers who said that some people cast their votes without biometric process because their names were missing on the lists, adding not counting such votes – which aren’t fraudulent – would be depriving and turning a blind eye towards the people who voted.

Meanwhile, CEO Abdullah Abdullah,Rahmatullah Nabil and a number of other presidential candidates also reacted to Muslimyar’s remarks and called them as unreasonable and obvious meddling in electoral bodies’ affairs.

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