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Wolesi Jirga ignores reports over corruption: SAO

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Chief of Supreme Audit Office (SAO) of the Afghan government Sharif Sharifi   on Saturday said that Wolesi Jirga (WJ) of the parliament does not properly follow their reports over corrupt figures.

Speaking Sharifi on the “one –week fiscal report assessment training and challenges” here in Kabul said that the WJ has not taken serious the reports of the SAO in last years. And lack of chasing and keeping secret the 45 points of corruption in a 170-page reports over the corruption of the ministries is only waste of time, he said.

Sharif once again asked the WJ to follow and punish or appreciate those ministers who have done well or worse as shown in their reports impartially prepared based on law of SAO.

Chief of SAO put finger of criticism on the lawmakers added that  the WJ did not dismiss at least two three ministers out of  11 summoned  ministers from their posts who were charged with corruption based on a fiscal report impartially made and offered by the SAO to the WJ since 2013, he said.

He also asked the presidential palace and WJ to form the public accountsaudit commission for properly chasing of the six and seven different kinds of corrupt cases.

It is while chief of Budget and Financial Committee (BFC) of the WJ Ameer Khan Yar said that they have not received a curate prove to show the ministers a real corrupt to sack them.

Andthe SAO has sent complicated reports to the WJ therefore they cannot take serious decision to sack the ministers, he said.

On the other hand Yar confirmed neglect and violence of the officials in some cases as the reports showed.

Muhammad Aaqa chief of Treasury department in the Ministry of Finance said that their financial system is linked with the 34 provinces, but the lack of counting staffs is one of their serious challenges in provinces in particular in the   districts.

The WJ of the parliament some three years ago 11summoneed ministers for lack of spending their development budget   rescued of dismissal.

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