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Wolesi Jirga throws weight behind public uprisings

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga said on Saturday that public uprisings were very effective to maintain law and order situation in those parts of the country where militants pose serious security threats.

The lawmakers said that due to public uprisings the government was able to bring in control areas where insurgents were outnumber as compared to the security forces. They said that the pro-government militias would prove more effective if supported and managed properly by the authorities.

Abdul Woodod Paiman, an MP from Kunduz, said that if the public uprisings are well managed against the Taliban insurgents, security would be restored soon in the restive provinces.

He said that the militiamen played important role in bringing back those areas under the government’s control in Kunduz province that were seized by the insurgents.

The MP said that most of the militiamen are jihadis who have experience. “They pushed back the Taliban 30 to 60 kilometers away from Kunduz City. In areas cleared off the militants are now under control of the security forces. However, the government needs a comprehensive military strategy to clean the remaining areas of the insurgents as well,” he said.

Sharefi Balkhabi, an MP from Sar-e-Pul, said that many areas were controlled by the government, but seized again by the Taliban because the authorities failed to support the uprising movements.

Haji Abdul Raheem, an MP from Badghis, said that the militiamen were fighting the Taliban on three fronts in his province.  He said the militias are currently fighting insurgents in Qadis, Aab-e-Kamari, Aab-Band and Dewreen districts of the province.

He said that Jawand district was retaken from the Taliban.

Responding to a question regarding armed people, who violate laws and annoy public, the lawmaker said that it was the uprising movement that liberated the areas from militants, because 100 policemen were unable to fight the miscreants. “Jawand district is 162 kilometers far from Qala-e-Naw, the capital of Badghis. It was retaken by the locals who were once mujahideen and now support the government,” said Abdul Raheem.

Raihana Aazad, a legislator from Uruzgan province, said that the militias were vital to help the security forces against the insurgents. She said that if public failed to support the government against the militants then security challenges would remain.

She also criticized the government for flawed security strategy in Uruzgan. “Gizab, Char-Chino and Khas Uruzgan are under serious security threat as the government is in defensive mode. The government shall deploy more security personnel in Uruzgan province,” she suggested.

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