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Women activists concerned over their future

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A number of women’s rights activists have said they were still concerned about the ongoing peace talks and their future in the country—despite the informal meeting which recently took place between women lawmakers and the Taliban representatives in Oslo city of Norway.

The activists held two different meetings the other day, where they welcomed the presence of women in peace talks. However, they said the negotiations should not go through a clandestine process; rather important issues about the talks should be made public in a bid to build people’s confidence on the process.

The activists also said that past years’ achievements in women’s rights could be undermined if negotiations with the Taliban went the wrong way.

“We want to repeat that women’s participation in the peace process should not be taken lightly. We want end of the culture which provides immunity to those who have committed crimes against humanity during wars,” said Masuma Mohammadi, director of Equality Organization.

Another main point which was discussed by the activists was ways to hold inclusive talks with the Taliban.

Riza Hussaini, an activist, said all social groups, regardless of belief and gender, should participate in the peace process.

The two-day meeting in Norway was attended by a group of female lawmakers and members of the High Peace Council (HPC). The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss women’s rights. Outcomes of the Norway talks are unknown yet but it is said that women’s rights were defended bravely in the meeting. The Taliban has not commented about the talks so far.

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