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Women deny land inheritance in Bamyan

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KABUL: The Afghan women are facing a drastic challenge in land inheritance issues in the central province of Bamyan, where they refuse to be given. 42 years old, Raihana said that his uncle has taken her land and deprived her of his father’s land heritage.

Raihana was an orphan teenager when she was cheated by her uncle to sign a paper through which she no longer maintained any right on the land which was part of her father’s heritage. “My uncle took the land forcibly,” Raihana said. “He told me that I had no right on the land because I was a girl.” She lives in the Waros district of Bamyan province.

Raihana is just an example of those who usually face such unfairness challenges in the Afghan society.

Waros district governor, Aminyan said that cultural taboos in the society posed women to be deprived of land sharing. “A decision was made to protect women in the presence of religious clerics,” he said.

Officials at the department of Hajj and Religious Affairs have welcomed the decision to protect women rights, saying that depriving women from land heritage is in contrast with the Islamic rules.

Nasrullah Balaghi, head of the department called on the Ulema, who resolve the land sharing issues, to pay serious attention to the economical condition of the women. “Based on Islamic regulation, the financial issues of the women should be observed in the testament,” he said.

The religious clerics in Yakawlang and Waros districts of Bamiyan have forbidden force and underage marriages and as well as several other cultural taboos that pose severe challenges in the society.

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