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Women Displaya Handmade Products in Exhibition in Kabul

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KABUL: An international exhibition has been held for four days in Kabul, where more than 100 women displayed their handmade products.The exhibition was held for four days under the title of “Bahar-e-Naw” and was part of a week-long promotion of industry.
Some female entrepreneurs said that holding such an exhibition is important to motivate women to display or sell their handmade products in the market.
“We, the women, are motivated and when we are motivated, we can work,” said Pashton Amiri, a female entrepreneur.
Their products are handmade materials made from precious stones, textile and other materials.
All of the organizers and participants of the exhibitions are women who came from various provinces of the country to display their products.
“The number of our employees include 72 women who work with us, 32 women are working with me,” said Fatima Hossieni, a female entrepreneur

“We were not able to visit the traders because the section for females is separated from the male. The men couldn’t visit our displays,” said Noorzia Safi, a female entrepreneur.
A German entrepreneur called Setara said that she has been working in the rose business for the past seven years in Afghanistan.
Setara, who is one of the participants of the exhibition, said that in the rose season she hires around 150 female employees.
“The women are ready to work but there are still economic problems,” she said.
The visitors of this exhibition are also women. They called on the citizens to use the domestic products in order to support domestic entrepreneurs.
“The products which we have seen were symbols of Afghan culture and identity,” said Sahar Ahmadi, a visitor.
The women entrepreneur urged the Islamic Emirate to support them and pave the ground for women’s activities.

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