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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN -- SEPTEMBER 8, 2021: Protesters march through the Dashti-E-Barchi neighborhood, a day after the Taliban announced their new all-male interim government with a no representation for women and ethnic minority groups, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021. (MARCUS YAM / LOS ANGELES TIMES)

Women hold protest, demand release of Afghanistan assets

AT News

KABUL: Dozens of women rallied on streets of Kabul city on Wednesday to protest against the United States for freezing Afghanistan Bank assets as the economy is crumbling amid continued international sanctions.

The women protestors urged the US to free Afghanistan assets to prevent further deterioration of the economic crisis. They carried banners calling for unfreezing of banks reserves. They also called on the international community to lobby for the release of the bank assets by the U.S.

Afghanistan’s frozen money should be released. It belongs to the people of Afghanistan, not to the current government. Our children demand food from us, we do not have money to pay for our rent. We should go back to work,” said a women’s rights activist amongst protesters.

“The US should release the frozen money of Afghanistan so the people of Afghanistan can cope with the economic problems in the winter,” Tolo News quoted her as saying.

The protesters read aloud a number of demands calling on both the Taliban and the international community to address their needs.

She said Afghans are facing more challenges today than any time before and the international community should not stay silent and impartial. They should provide any sort of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

They also called on the United Nations and the World Bank to find a solution for the looming economic crisis in Afghanistan.

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