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Women prohibited from entering amusement parks in Kabul


Kabul: Afghan women have been prohibited from visiting parks in Kabul by the Ministry of Virtue and Vice of the Taliban.

According to ministry representatives, this restriction has been placed on women as a result of non-hijab observance, Tolo News reported.

A spokesperson for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (MPVPV) confirmed that women would be restricted from accessing parks over lack of a sound environment at parks for women, said Akef Mahajir, a spokesman of the ministry.

The owner of one of Kabul’s recreation parks said that the Ministry of Virtue and Vice had verbally requested that women not be allowed to enter the park.

“We were sternly told by the employees of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue to not allow women in the park,” said Habibullah Zazai, head of Habibullah Zazai park, Tolo News reported.

Since taking over Afghanistan last year, the Taliban has said women should not leave home without a male relative and must cover their faces, though some women in urban centers ignore the rule and some women have been permitted to work in government offices.

Western governments have said the Taliban needs to reverse its course on women’s rights for any path towards formal recognition of their government.

The Taliban say they respect women’s rights in accordance with Islamic law.

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