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“Women rights irreversible”

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KABUL: Addressing a gathering of women on Sunday in Kabul, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah said Afghanistan’s progress, particularly in the area of women rights, is irreversible.

“Peace is the priority, but honorable and dignified peace. Peace will have a realistic chance only when all Afghans sit together to talk about it,” Abdullah said, while there is huge concern among the Afghan women about their future as Taliban reintegration into Afghan society seems possible ever before. 

The United States has made great sacrifices and invested significant resources to help Afghanistan’s security and development, CEO said.

“Our relations with the United States encompass all aspects of our national interests, and sure to withstand momentary sentiments of any particular politicians or officials.”

Recently US and Taliban members concluded their fifth round of peace talks with some progress claimed to be made in the talks. Both sides agreed on withdrawal of troops, not using Afghan soil against any country, counterterrorism efforts, and intra-Afghan talks.

At the same time, Afghan women called on the Taliban to open up their policy regarding Afghan women. Will they let them go to schools, universities, workplaces or they will repeat those harsh behaviors that had against them during their regime. During Taliban time not only women, but all Afghans, men, women, children, and elders suffered a lot.

However, so far, Taliban showed soft corner about women, as once its spokesman said they will not return as harsh as they were.

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