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‘Women seek more visible role in peace process’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) on Sunday released a guideline titled “Supporting women active participation in peace process”, urging the government to boost up women’s role in real in peace process.

The guideline included women activists’ views from capital and provinces, which termed women’s role weak and symbolic in peace process.

“Research in 2015 revealed that women are pushed aside from peace process, thus the WCLRF launched this guideline to foster women role in peace and reconciliation process,” executive manager of the WCLRF, Zarqa Yaftali said.

She said that 50 percent of Afghan population is women, therefore, women must be involved in peace process.

“Half population of Afghanistan should not be forgotten,” she added.

In charge of the project, Mohammad Ali Fakoori, said that weakness of women and men’s dominance are the barriers ahead of women active role in peace process.

He said that women are not consulted during negotiations in the past and never their views considered seriously.

Women’s role should not be spectator, they must have active and efficient role in peace process, he insisted.

“The capacity building also required in some cases for women to play effective and efficient role in negotiation,” he noted.

He argued that women should participate in negotiation table as the main victims of war.

Deputy for the High Peace Council Habiba Sarabi said that National Unity Government has committed to support women in different fields in the in the country.

She pledged to consider all recombination and merge them in the strategy in order to make more active women role in peace process.

She said that based on the strategy, women’s role must be 30 percent in peace process, thus peace council work over a mechanism to establish a women’s advisory committee in the council.

“The high peace council gives chance to women to participate in negotiation table,” she insisted.

She came up with an example said that she had participated in negotiation table with Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan.

She committed that peace council will support women active role in peace process.

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