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Women’s paintings exhibition held in Herat province


Kabul: A painting exhibition was held in Herat province and 15 female painters displayed their art work.

The exhibition is scheduled to be open to all citizens for three days.

Taliban Head of Information and Culture in Herat says that the government supports all cultural and artistic activities: “Our administration directly supports all artists and it is a pleasure that we have a representation of talents today and we support them thoroughly”

However, the organizers of this exhibition say that such exhibitions can help in the development of talents.

Abdul Karim Arbabzadeh, the person in charge of holding this exhibition, said that it took three months the preparations of holding this exhibition: “Around 105 works by 15 female artists will be exhibited. These works include painting, calligraphy and minaret. This exhibition was held to commemorate the day of the Teacher.

“We launched the exhibition on the occasion of teachers’ day. Although the schools are closed, we still care about our teachers and education. This is a message to the government that we, the Afghan girls, will continue to enhance our skills under any circumstances,” said Alnaz Frotan, an artist.

 Some of the participants consider this exhibition effective in revealing the talent of women and encouraging them in the direction of the development of art and culture.

Fatima Karimi, one of the participants, says: “The government should support all talented women so that we can have a talented and powerful society.”

The visitors of this exhibition welcomed the display of the works of women artists and said that such exhibitions will show the world that Afghan women have the talent and ability to create art and everyone should support women.

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