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Work on Jawzjan-Balkh gas pipeline kicked off

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Daud Shah Saba, has inaugurated construction work on a gas pipeline project that would power Balkh industries.

The 95km long pipeline will stretch from Jawzjan to Balkh province. After inaugurating the project the other day, Daud Shah Saba said that electricity would be generated from the natural gas to run Ghazanfar Group of Companies, the glassmaking factory, and the Kod Barq fertilizer production plant.

The natural gas reserves in Shiberghan would be utilized for this purpose, the minister said, adding that the project would be completed within next two years. He said the ministry has allocated budget for the gas pipeline project. Saba went on to say that work over the project has begun nearly two ago from Shiberghan, the capital city of Jawzjan province, to Balkh. Around 50km gas pipeline has been laid till Bargah area of Balkh province.

“Today we inaugurated the construction work on the natural gas supply pipeline from Dedad to Bargah area to complete the project. Though, electricity is imported from neighboring Uzbekistan, but the demand of local industries is high in Balkh. Therefore, to meet the demand, power from the natural gas will be produced,” he said.

The said that electricity produced from the gas would fuel the energy-starving factories including the fertilizer plant.

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