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Work on Salma Dam to be completed next year

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The newly appointed governor of western Herat province has said that work on the much-awaited hydroelectric and irrigation project—the Salma Dam—will be completed in upcoming year.

Quoted by Radio Azadi, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, said there are a number of hurdles for Salma Dam construction, but work on the much-awaited project will be completed in next year.

“As we met with concerned officials, they assured us that the Salma Dam will generate power in coming year,” he said.

Salma Dam was surveyed during Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan’s tenure and later preliminary work was kicked off on the project. Past decades’ of conflicts stopped work on this vital project.

It is said that construction work on the project was ongoing snail-paced in past eight years. According to the governor, several reasons were behind this, including insecurity.

Massouda Karokhi, an MP from Herat, believes that political issues are behind slow-paced work on the dam.

She blamed a number of neighboring countries, including Iran, for interference and creating hurdle before Salma Dam project, and said a number of individuals are vowed to be paid more money if they avoided working on the project.

Rahimi said that he will soon visit the project and will present his report to the president.

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