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World helps Afghanistan in fight against coronavirus

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KABUL: The international community assists with Afghanistan to fight the spread of Corona virus, a global threat, ministry of finance said.

Shamroz Khan Masjedi, spokesman for the ministry, said Sunday that the European Union and other countries would donate 220 million dollars to the government of Afghanistan for fighting the virus.

More than 600 people have been found infected by the virus across the country and the death toll reaches to 18.

Masjedi said that the European Union had already donated 117 million Euros to them.

“The EU has assisted 117 million Euros from which 50 million Euros are new donation and the rest is that we had earlier asked for a review in their donation and bring some amendments so that we can expend that in fight with Corona virus,” he said, adding that the World Bank planned to assist 104 million Dollars to Afghanistan in this purpose.

The government of Afghanistan has allocated 6.5 billion Afs to prevent the spread of the virus. The money is expended in medical equipment, building hospitals and help with the vulnerable.

The government has also asked the Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development and some countries for assistance, according to the ministry of finance.

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