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World powers reject Taliban’s Emirate in Afghanistan

Russia, US, China, and Pakistan urge Taliban to refrain from spring offensive, reiterating call on all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan to reduce the level of violence

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KABUL: The world and regional states say they wouldn’t support the revival of the Islamic Emirate, a term used by Taliban during their rule of Afghanistan (1996 to 2001).

Representatives from the United States, Russia, China and Pakistan announced this in a joint statement issued after their meeting in Qatar on Friday.

The representatives said they held meeting to support the intra-Afghan dialogue and help the warring parties to agree on a comprehensive and lasting cease fire.

“We expect Taliban to adhere their commitment over not letting terrorist individuals and group use Afghan soil to threaten security of other countries,” the statement read.

Representatives of the Troika states also expressed support of the UN assessment of sanctions over Taliban leaders, urging practical measures by Taliban to reduce violence.

The Afghan peace negotiating team has also said that the meeting discussed Afghan peace and the region’s role on the process.

Meanwhile, Suhail Shahin, a spokesman of Taliban’s political office in Qatar, wrote on Twitter that the group’s chief negotiator Abbas Stanakzai had met the Troika representatives.

“The meeting discussed peace process and agreed the removal of Taliban members’ names from the UN blacklist,” Shahin twitted.

The Troika member states had earlier rejected Taliban’s Islamic Emirate in the Moscow meeting in March.

The United States started withdrawal of its soldiers from Afghanistan on Friday. The 2,500 US soldiers are scheduled to leave the war-hit country by September 11 as the US President Joe Biden promised in April.

Taliban refused to attend a conference on Afghan peace in Turkey last month, saying they would not attend any meetings until the last foreign soldier exits.

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