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Wrong definition of national interest is main factors behind terrorism and extremism: Karzai

By Farhad Naibkhel-ASTANA, Kazakhstan: Former President Hamid Karzai calls “bad policies and wrong definition of the national interest” as the main factors behind terrorism and extremism.

“I don’t believe that extremism, radicalism and terrorism are only because of social condition or religion,” Karzai stated in a speech at the Eurasian Media Forum held Thursday in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The forum entitled ‘Present and future of the world economy, who is the lead? Global crisis, world with oil, world without war’, welcomed former Afghan president as the chief guest.

“I believe with evidence that terrorism and extremism are because of bad policies, because of another definition of national interest and because of persuade of a perceived national interest in orderly defined at any cost,” Karzai addressed the forum.

“I learned experience in the past 14 years that we are suffering because of lack of trust between major powers in the world and because of persuade of the big powers in a manner which trust is not exists.”

Karzai said that extremism and radicalism were negatively impacting the infrastructures, harassing the South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia.

“We must work to advise the rising economic powers on the one hand that is China, India, Russia and in the second term, there are Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan as well as the United States and its Western allies to seek genuine cooperation,” Afghan ex-president said.

He said that oil continued to play a very important role in world’ s economy, adding that if the prices of oil is stabilized, it can help stability.

“The OPEC as a body, needs to consider how to stabilize, how to continue without causing suffering to other countries and yet that themselves benefit from all price that is good for them and the rest of the world’s economy”, Karzai insisted.

He highlighted that economic reasons as a driver of radicalism and the anti-social violence, surely play a role, but there are other countries that have poverty, but there is no violence, extremism, terrorism.

“It is the political use of violence, the political use of ideology. It is the political use of religion that has perpetrated upon us this unfortunate tragedy,” Karzai stated.

“We are going to 30 years ago, just as former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and then Afghan people began to resist it, we saw two opposing trends impacting our society. On the one hand, the Soviet Union tried to impose communism on the Afghan people. From other side, Western powers and certain countries in the region tried to impose radicalism on our people.”

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