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Youth armed in Kunduz against Taliban

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KABUL: Hundreds of young people in the northern province of Kunduz have taken arms to defend their villages against Taliban attacks.

Three hundred men have newly started defensive operations against Taliban in the Imam Saheb district, claiming that they are tired of the militants’ activities there.

Abdul Khaleq, the armed group’s commander called on Taliban to accept cease fire.

“We are displaced from our homes for seven years. How long should we continue living like this? Taliban made peace with the United States but didn’t do it with their fellow Afghans. We finally had to take weapons and fight with them,” Khaleq said.

The newly armed local group says it would fight to support the government of Afghanistan.

“We join this process because Taliban have crossed limits. They made peace with America but did not approach with the nation. We stand against Taliban if they continue fighting,” said Saad Gol Naseri, another commander of the local armed group.

Local officials praised the move important in suppressing Taliban attackers and keep their areas secure.

“They have stood to defend their villages, properties and families against the enemies of people. We praise this process and thank these people and assure to arms and support them,” Mahboobullah Saeedi, district governor for Imam Saheb said.

Most of these groups are led by former jihadi figures who fear their lives in danger of Taliban attacks.

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