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Youth’s coordination foundation call Achin bombardment as ‘war crime’

AT-KABUL: The Youth’s Coordination Foundation strongly condemned the US aerial attack on the Achin district of Nangarhar province, calling it a “war crime”.

The US air force dropped Thursday the biggest ever non-nuclear bomb under the pretext of targeting Daesh terrorists’ strongholds.

The attack was followed by several protests inside Afghanistan and abroad. Former President Hamid Karzai was the first one who condemned the attack, calling it an aggression against the national sovereignty.

The foundation said the attack was against all international norms, adding that the government of Afghanistan was part of the crime by confirming it.

The youth’s foundation declared support to Karzai’s stance against the US attack, who said that he would do his best to expel the foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Tens of the youth raised voices against the “war crime” committed by the US military in Achin.

“Dropping the largest bomb by the US could not be battle against terrorism,” said a member of the foundation. “The government of Afghanistan is a partner of the US in this crime.”

So far, thousands of the youth have supported Karzai’s stance against the US attack and called it a war crime. They expressed concerns about the “soft stance” of the government regarding the attack.

They believe that if the situation continues, it would provide opportunity for competitions among the United States, Russia and other regional countries.

The US vice president Mike Pence said in his South Korea visit that bombardments of Afghanistan and Syria were power display to North Korea and other US rivals.

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