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Zabul attack: Four border troops, 30 Taliban killed


AT News Report-KABUL: Taliban’s offensive against two security check-posts in southern Zabul province was strongly retaliated by the brave Afghan security forces, which resulted into killing of 30 insurgents, Provincial Governor Spokesman, Gul Islam Siyal told Afghanistan Times on Friday.

“The attack was happened in Shemalzai district on Thursday evening, and continued till Friday morning.”

Appreciating the bravery and timely response of the Afghan security forces, he said during the exchange of fire four border police personnel have lost their lives, and seven others sustained injuries.

After receiving huge causalities, the Taliban militants have been escaped the area. “Now situation is under control of the government,” he added. In addition to that, seven Taliban insurgents were also wounded in the attack

Taking advantage of the season, recently the terrorist groups have geared up their terrorist and destructive activities across the country. As per reports terrorists launch offensives against security forces check-posts and other government compounds, plotting roadside bombs and conducting suicide attacks at public places and mosques, targeting Afghan and US-led NATO forces and then take shelters in the eastern and southern hostile neighborhood of Afghanistan. This is a sacred fact that Afghan National Security Forces continue to battle militants on multiple fronts across the country and rendering highest level of sacrifices. Viewing this, there is a serious need for the Afghan and US-led NATO forces to hit militants in their strongholds and safe sanctuaries in a bid to establish durable peace and stability, not only in heart of Asia, but in the region as well. It is responsibility of the US and NATO member countries to force the hostile neighbors of Afghanistan to shun terror factories and sheltering terrorist outfits. Keeping in view the ground realities, the Afghan people would not remain silent spectators against the ongoing bloodshed, insecurity, instability, poverty and double standards by our foreign allies and neighbors.

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