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Zakhilwal stresses on severe punishment for FIA official

AT News Report-KABUL: The Afghan envoy to Islamabad, Hazrat Omer Zakhilwal has emphasized on severe punishment for the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official involved in harassment of Afghan woman at Islamabad airport.

The culprit, an assistant director of FIA has been suspended and took into custody on Thursday on the charge of sexually harassing an Afghan woman occurred at the Benazir Bhutto International airport in Islamabad.

Responding to the unpleasant situation, the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhry Nisar Ali took notice of the incident where he issued order for detailed probe into the matter.

This comes after the complainant launched FIR accused the official of sexually harassing her inside the airport when she along with her sister arrived from Kabul.

Reacting to the inhuman act by Pakistani official, Zakhilwal wrote on his twitter account that the Afghan embassy has seriously taken the issue and following through on the case to make sure the criminal receives a fitting punishment.

As per reports, two Afghan women were stopped by FIA officials at airport for not having the documents to stay in a hotel.

On the other hand the effected Afghan woman said, they were kept in a room for about five hours and later on her sister was sent outside the room and the culprit attempted an assault but she managed to escape from the room after raising an alarm.

The woman further added in her application that the culprit was accompanied by other FIA personnel who were standing outside the room.

By putting a glance on social media, Afghanistan Times Daily, the leading English newspaper in Afghanistan has observed anger among the Afghan nationals who demanding harsh punishment for culprit. The Afghan nationals in Pakistan have also urged the Afghan embassy in Islamabad to critically follow the case until the effected Afghan woman receive justice and as well the honor of the Afghan nationals must be secured at the future.


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