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Zardari warns of terrorism spillover in the region


Kabul: The Pakistan Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, said that the humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan has made it more difficult for the Afghan interim government to live up with its obligations towards the international community.

Speaking in a panel discussion in the Munich security conference Zardari urged the international community to help in capacity building of the Afghan interim authorities to take on threats of terrorism.

He said the international community wanted the Afghan interim government to live up to its obligations and commitments in areas like women education, all-inclusive government and tackling of potential threats from terrorism, emanating from terrorist groups of Daesh, TTP and al Qaeda.

He added that we all want to see a more inclusive setup in Afghanistan as they have committed before the fall of Kabul.

Terrorism not only posed a threat to immediate neighbours of Afghanistan, but also to the West, he cautioned.

He stressed that the world should continue its humanitarian support, unfreeze Afghan’s assets, open up banking channels and engage with Afghan authorities, society and the women.

The foreign minister reiterated that a peaceful Afghanistan was vital for the stability of the region and the international community must play its role in this regard.

Meanwhile Afghan interim government spokesman rebuffed these claims saying that there will be no threat from Afghan soil to any country and the government they established is inclusive enough.

The Munich Security Conference is held for three days.

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