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Paramilitary Rangers inspect the carriages following the derailment of a passenger train in Nawabshah, in the Pakistan's southern Sindh province on August 6, 2023. - At least 19 people were killed and dozens injured on August 6 when an express train derailed in southern Pakistan, the country's railways minister said. (Photo by - / AFP)

19 killed as passenger train derails in southern Pakistan

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KABUL – A passenger train derailed near Sahara railway station in southern Pakistan killing at least 19 passengers and injuring 50 others, according to official sources.

The train, en route from the bustling city of Karachi, derailed about 275 kilometers away from its origin, causing several carriages to overturn, creating a scene of chaos and destruction.

Rescue operations were promptly initiated, with dedicated teams working tirelessly to extract passengers from the mangled wreckage. The injured were swiftly transported to nearby medical facilities for urgent care. Disturbing images circulated on social media, revealing the extent of the tragedy as passengers emerged from the overturned carriages.

Pakistan’s outdated railway infrastructure has often been a contributing factor to accidents of this nature. Despite the challenges posed by an aging system, Railway Minister Saad Rafiq emphasized that initial investigations indicated the train was traveling at a normal speed. Authorities are diligently working to ascertain the precise cause behind the derailment.

A spokesperson from Karachi reported that a staggering eight carriages had veered off the tracks during the incident. The gravity of the situation led to an emergency declaration in Nawabshah’s primary hospitals and adjacent districts in the Sindh province.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon underlined the government’s unwavering commitment to prioritize rescue efforts. He stated, “Our foremost concern remains the rescue operation, which commands our full attention.”

This incident is not an isolated occurrence. In 2021, Sindh province witnessed another devastating accident when two trains collided, resulting in the loss of 40 lives and leaving numerous others injured. Over the span of six years, from 2013 to 2019, local media reports indicated that 150 individuals lost their lives in similar rail-related accidents. The urgency to modernize and enhance Pakistan’s railway system is unmistakably evident in the face of such recurring tragedies.

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