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23 Afghans rescued from migrant traffickers in Peru

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KABUL – Peruvian authorities have successfully rescued 23 Afghan migrants who had fallen victim to migrant traffickers along the border with Brazil, according to a statement released by the attorney general’s office.

The migrants had paid a significant amount of money to smugglers in the hope of reaching Ecuador, but instead, they were deceived and left stranded in an overcrowded house without food in the village of Inapari, located in the Madre de Dios department along the Peru-Brazil border.

The victims, including four children, one of whom was just a two-month-old baby, were under the impression that they would be transported to a regional city and then to the capital city of Lima before continuing their journey to Tumbes, a town near Peru’s northern border with Ecuador.

The Tahuamanu Prosecutor’s Office, in collaboration with the local police, carried out the operation to rescue the Afghan nationals. The statement from the prosecutor’s office did not disclose the exact amount of money the migrants had paid to the smugglers.

Upon their rescue, the victims were found in dire conditions, having been deceived and left without basic necessities. Their intended destination, Tumbes, remained out of reach due to the dishonest actions of the smugglers.

Efforts are now underway to provide necessary support and assistance to the rescued migrants, ensuring their well-being and addressing their immediate needs. Further investigations will be conducted to identify and apprehend those responsible for this heinous act of migrant trafficking.

This rescue operation highlights the ongoing challenges and risks faced by migrants seeking better lives, as they fall prey to unscrupulous individuals who exploit their vulnerabilities. The Peruvian authorities’ swift response in rescuing these Afghan migrants demonstrates their commitment to combating human trafficking and protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals.

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