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A tribute to our fearless armed forces

By Mohammad Ihsan

KABUL: The Taliban alongside hundreds of foreign terrorists set attacks on Lashkargah, the capital city of southern Helmand province but our brave security forces defeated the militants and based on media reports tens of Taliban, including their governor, top commanders and foreign terrorists were killed and many others were wounded.

The inflicting of heavy casualties on the Taliban and progression in the clashes against the militants shows that our brave security forces are committed to protect the dignity and pride of our people. They do not allow the puppets of Pakistan and terrorists to threaten the calm of our citizens; therefore, they put themselves as shields to lay out a peaceful and calm life for people. But the enemies of Afghanistan through the orders of their masters always pay attempts to create horror and panic in our society. Although, the peace negotiations have been continuing in Qatar- the representatives of the group are engaged in negotiations with the Afghan government delegation, but its fighters accelerated its cruelty and relentless violence to gain privilege on the negotiations table – with attacks on the civilians, the group tries to sabotage the peace process. Hundreds of passengers stuck – starving and bearing tough situation – on the highway of Kandahar-Helmand due to the ongoing violence created by the group.

Furthermore, the Taliban peace deal with the US, which the group seeks to determine as fundamental of the intra-Afghan negotiations, stipulates that the militants will not attack on big cities, highways, small and major bases of the foreign forces and cut its ties with al-Qaeda terrorist network but tens of foreign fighters, mostly al-Qaeda were involved in fighting with the Afghan security forces in Lashkargah. It means that the Taliban is neither a trusty group nor is committed to any deal nor rule, while our Almighty Allah instructs us in the holy book of Quran to remain committed to your promises.

Presently, the security forces are obliged to destroy the evilness of the terrorists and suppress them all, as hundreds of Taliban and its foreign affiliates were killed in the counter attacks by the security forces on daily bases – their corpse remained on the battlefields. It is needed that the people of Afghanistan, Imams, media outlets, civil activists and politicians shoulder to shoulder together foil the evil plans of the terrorists and stick by the security forces because the truth has been revealed for all which is that the terrorists have been abusing the values of Islam as their owns interests.

The soldiers, who left their homes, stand against the militants and perform their integrity task for the country, deserve to be admired and praised. Therefore, our people are in debt to give morals to our security forces with their constant support. On the other hand, the allies countries, who fight the terrorism beside the people of Afghanistan, should understand that the Taliban is not an independent group it is unable of making independent decision, thus, the agreement of the group is similar to a written text on a piece of ice which is becoming liquid with the warm temperature and finally is destroyed. The only option remaining possible is to suppress and destroy the group.

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