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Abdullah was absent in important Moscow talks, claims Pedram

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KABUL: Political figure Latif Pedram claims that chairman of the national reconciliation council Abdullah Abdullah was not present at some important meetings and making decisions in the Moscow session held in March to discuss Afghan peace.

The session was held some 20 days ago in the Russian capital where representatives from Afghan government, Taliban, the United States, regional countries and the United Nations participated.

But after nearly one month, allegations emerge that Abdullah who chaired the Afghan delegation, was not present in negotiations where important decisions were made behind closed doors at the sidelines of the session.

Former Lawmaker Latif Pedram who now runs the National Congress political party, told reporters Sunday in Kabul that Abdullah was not head of Afghan delegation and was absent in the making of important decisions.

“Dr. Abdullah was not present at the private meetings in Moscow,” Pedram said. He added that Massoum Stanakzai head of Afghan delegation in Qatar talks, Hamid Karzai former president, representatives of Taliban and Pakistan as well as Zamir Kabulov Russia’s envoy for Afghanistan held the talks behind closed doors.

Pedram claimed that Stanakzai was the actual head of Afghan delegation in Moscow and was present in “very private decision makings”.

Nobody from the reconciliation council commented on Pedram’s allegations.

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