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Afghanistan Needs 3m Ton Wheat for Next Persian Year

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KABUL: Afghanistan needs three million tons of wheat for the Persian Year (1400) which begins on March 21, ministry of agriculture said, since frequent droughts affect the country’s agriculture, gardening and livestock breeding in the outgoing decade.

Anwarul Haq Ahadi, minister of agriculture, said Sunday that they had plans to help farmers struggle drought and shortage of wheat.

“As it is forecasted, the rainfall level is going to decrease by 30 per cent this year that reduces wheat products 30 per cent which is a big problem. We have 1,5 million ton of wheat less than our need and will face the shortage of 2,9 tons of wheat next year,” Ahadi said.

Afghanistan will buy 250,000 ton wheat from abroad for next year and will need international assistance.

“I am Hossein from Badghis province. We are facing drought this year that we even don’t have drinking water and our problems are too much,” said a farmer in Badghis, in the northwest.

The United Nations’ World Food Program says that 17 million Afghans lack food security, while more than five million need urgent donations.

According to the UN program, 13 million people would need food donations in 2021 in Afghanistan.

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