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Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan forge railway link pact

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KABUL – In a significant development, representatives from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan gathered in Islamabad on Tuesday to sign a groundbreaking agreement that aims to establish a railway network connecting the three nations. The ambitious project, known as the Trans-Afghanistan railway, is slated for completion by the end of 2027.

Spanning a total distance of 760 kilometers, the railway is expected to revolutionize cargo transportation between Uzbekistan and Pakistan, reducing delivery times by approximately five days. By the year 2030, the railway is projected to have the capacity to transport up to 15 million tonnes of goods annually.

The official confirmation of the agreement came through a tweet from Afghanistan’s Taliban-run embassy in Islamabad, expressing delight in announcing the signing of the historic protocol for the construction of the railway between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan on July 18, 2023.

The planned rail route will traverse through Termiz, Uzbekistan, and pass key locations within Afghanistan, including Mazar-e-Sharif and Logar province, before reaching Pakistan through the Kharlachi border crossing in the Kurram district, adjacent to the Afghanistan border.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Railways also expressed its enthusiasm through a tweet, revealing that the signing ceremony was attended by numerous high-ranking officials. The regional railway line is anticipated to offer both passenger and freight services, playing a crucial role in fostering regional trade and boosting economic development.

The Taliban-run embassy in Afghanistan further emphasized the importance of the signed protocol, heralding the commencement of meticulous planning, resource allocation, and project implementation. This collaboration signifies the shared commitment to enhancing robust regional connectivity.

As the three nations set forth on this momentous railway project, they anticipate fostering stronger economic ties, facilitating smoother movement of goods and people, and ultimately paving the way for enhanced regional cooperation and development.

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