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Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education Announces Construction of 200 Schools in Last Two Years

AT Kabul: The Ministry of Education in Afghanistan has declared the construction of 200 schools in the past two years under the current government. Additionally, the ministry spokesperson mentioned that nearly 1,000 other school buildings have been established across the country during this period.

Mansoor Ahmad Hamza, an official of the ministry, highlighted the commitment to providing educational services to students in every region of the country. He emphasized the ministry’s focus on addressing the needs of schools requiring repair or renovation.

However, some students expressed concerns about the lack of school repairs and suitable educational spaces in certain areas of Kabul. Students mentioned unfulfilled promises regarding the provision of chairs, tables, and teachers. The challenging weather conditions further exacerbated the situation, with students enduring exams in extreme heat or cold.

Teachers, volunteering in schools without suitable infrastructure, noted the adverse impact on students’ attitudes toward education. Hekmatullah, a student, mentioned that many individuals attend out of necessity, and some have dropped out, believing education holds little value.

Community leaders echoed the challenges, with Noor Wali Wakil stating that the school was officially established in the previous government, receiving two teachers. Despite the same teachers continuing to serve, the lack of proper facilities has led to around 600-700 students in the community.

According to Ministry of Education statistics, there are currently over 18,000 schools throughout Afghanistan. The ongoing efforts to construct new schools and improve existing ones demonstrate the government’s commitment to enhancing educational infrastructure across the country.

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