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China support a stable Afghanistan

Experts believe that China as one of the world’s powerful countries can play a vital role in the Afghan peace process

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KABUL: As the U.S. led international forces are preparing to leave and the concerns rising on deterioration of situation, China has reiterated strong support for sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

Talking to a news conference in Kabul, the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu said that Beijing would jointly work with the international community in a bid to ensure a sustainable peace in the country.

“The Afghan peace process is in a very critical and vital phase and China supports a reconcile Afghanistan where peace is ensured,” he said. “Those who facilitate the ground for enduring peace, we support them.”

This comes as Afghan government is seeking the support of regional and international countries, believing that their roles can ramp up the peace efforts.

A spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, Latif Mahmood said that the government is aiming to end the war and ensure an enduring peace. “The tremendous efforts of the government from nearly the last six years resulted in formation of national, regional and international consensus on peace.” He called on the regional and international countries to assist with the Afghan peace process.

Experts believe that China as one of the world’s powerful countries, who has good relations with Pakistan, Russia and Iran could play a vital role in the Afghan peace process.

The concerns about worsening the security situation in Afghanistan have been surging as the U.S. and NATO forces are on track of leaving the country by September 11.

The Chinese media earlier reported that Beijing may send peacemaking forces to Afghanistan after the U.S. and International forces drawdown.

China and Afghanistan have long been friends and good neighbors. Ambassador Wang Yu announced the donation of humanitarian aids to the ministry of natural disasters and management. He also said that China would provide 400,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccination to Afghanistan in the near future.

Minister of natural disasters and management, Ghulam Bahauddin Jailani said that the aids included 1,284 tons of wheat and 3,982 tons of rice. He put the cost of the aid to around 550 million AFs.

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