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 Concerns Rise as Nearly 500 Female Drug Addicts Sent to Rehab in Afghanistan

AT Kabul: Over the past six months, approximately 500 female drug addicts have been admitted to rehabilitation centers in Afghanistan, according to the country’s Interior Ministry’s counter-narcotics department. Concurrently, 250 children affected by drugs have also been taken to these centers during the same period.

The head of the counter-narcotics department, Haseebullah Ahmadi, highlighted ongoing efforts, revealing that around 20,000 drug addicts are being treated in rehabilitation centers every three months across the country. However, challenges persist, and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) reported that over 1,000 female drug addicts are currently under treatment nationwide.

One woman undergoing rehabilitation shared her story, attributing her addiction to economic problems and family pressures. She emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of drug addiction to prevent relapse.

Despite the commendable efforts of rehabilitation centers, they face various challenges, including a lack of essential resources such as electricity and water. The head of a rehabilitation center, Shahista, highlighted the critical need for these resources to improve the overall conditions for those seeking treatment.

The women in rehabilitation called on the Islamic Emirate to address their needs and provide support in their journey towards recovery. The head of the center emphasized that the main reasons for individuals turning to drugs are economic hardships, family violence, and psychological pressures.

While the Ministry of Public Health acknowledges the challenges and stresses the importance of addressing the societal factors contributing to drug addiction, it also reveals that there are no exact details about the current number of female drug addicts. However, based on a 2018 survey, out of 3.5 million drug addicts in the country, approximately 58,000 are women.

The rising number of female drug addicts and the challenges faced by rehabilitation centers underscore the need for comprehensive strategies that address the social, economic, and psychological factors contributing to drug addiction in Afghanistan. The call for support from the Islamic Emirate highlights the importance of a collaborative approach to tackle this complex issue.

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