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Editorial: 90 Ulema were killed in last year’s attacks

The Ulema (religious scholars) have been long respected by the people and governments of Afghanistan and nobody could have dared to even say something against their words or ignore what they say, because the Muslim people of the country fully believe that what the clerics say is not an ordinary word to be ignored or is not something to mislead them.

The religious scholars allocate their lives to guide people and communities to the right path and to what God and his Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) want. The Ulema are called and respected as the heirs of the messengers of God because they are aware about religious science and knowledge and leading the societies and guiding them to the right path and forbid them from Evil desires.

Unfortunately, some evil circles who are against every values in Afghanistan carry out evil activities in support from Afghanistan’s sworn enemies outside the borders. Targeting of religious scholars is part of the evil acts to take spiritual leaders from the pious Muslim nation of Afghanistan.

Government and non-government sources said this week that 90 clerics were killed last year alone, mostly in targeted attacks in Kabul and provinces.

The enemies of Afghanistan and Afghans try to hurt the hearts of them by different plots but they are on a wrong way and do not know that they will not reach their goals in Afghanistan as the people of this country will not lose their values.

This is not important that who claims responsibility and who does not claim. The key matter is government’s poor acts to prevent such devil acts by enhancing protective and security measures. Senior government officials only “strongly” condemn killings of people particularly clerics or falsely promise to bring the perpetrators to justice and punish them, while in practical nothing happens.

The government needs to stop promises and other verbal sympathies and do something in action so that people get sure that the government belongs to them and takes care of them against their enemies inside or outside the country.

Government’s seriousness in public security will discourage the enemies and will neutralize their plans before carrying out, otherwise killing of people from different social classes will continue and the enemies will become braver to target us.

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