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Editorial: A glimpse of hope in the dark

Spiraling status quo of the Afghan conflict has overshadowed the negotiations among the Afghan and Taliban peace delegations, working on a new formula to end the war which is continuing for nearly 20 years with no end in sight thus far. With the peace process going on the air, the foremost fear has been the future fate of the brave Afghan National Security and Defense Forces. The Taliban side has always tried level best to undermine the ANDSF capacity by setting off large-scale attacks aimed at showing their fighters’ capability – an unrealistic calculation that often falls apart with decrepit perception of power gambit. Over the decades, Afghan security forces have become increasingly strong and the more they appear strong in the battlefields the more agitated and afraid the Taliban become. Spaced out, the fear was very high over the future of these great heroes defending the country’s independence, and national sovereignty while rendering huge sacrifices in the line of duty. The most trepidation was over their dissolving or acuity of abandoning them at the mercy of malicious militant groups. From financial support to what sort of decision could likely to come out of peace talks in Doha, was the main reason of confusion and fear alike. In fact, these concerns were delicate as the Afghan security forces have remained on core attention of the NATO allies and partners who reiterated their commitment to provide financial support to the Afghan security forces through 2024. The United States also reiterated support to them. Beside financial support, it includes the enhancement of effectiveness and sustainment of the Afghan security forces with professional military education, and capacity building. The fact is that the Afghan security forces are burdening the weight of terrorist threats on their shoulder to make their nefarious designs of attacking other countries, including the regional, beyond and the United States, out of execution. They are at the front line of battlefield against the global terrorism with plenty of fatalities. The support of the international community to the Afghan forces is not out of charity, and it’s mainly because of their security as well. We are partners, and this is a joint mission against global terrorism. The regional countries should not fear a strong army in Afghanistan. Many lessons have learned from the past mistakes, and no country should have every dare to attack another in an attempt of aggression. It benefits no one but a strong army in Afghanistan will definitely play an immense role in maintaining security in the region. Unfortunately, the country is currently experiencing an appalling level of violence and only a strong army can set Afghanistan and the regional countries on a path to lasting peace and prosperity. Peace in Afghanistan would redound to the benefit of the entire region and the world. The immense geopolitical location of Afghanistan could play enormously to the economic development of the region once the menace of terrorism is rooted out once for all.

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