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Editorial: Allahu Akbar – a quarrel against injustice

The people of Afghanistan on Tuesday night connected in such a way that never existed before. Some of Kabul residents climbed on their roof, some others took to the streets with increasing chanting of Allahu Akbar over and over as it became an echoing cry around the city and some provinces for national resistance against the Taliban. The Kabul air was filled with chants of Allahu Akbar and it was getting louder by passing each time. The peace thirsty Afghans tried to show and make the states sponsoring insurgent groups that this is not Afghanistan of 1989. The Afghans are now capable of coordinating and maintaining a consistent voice. Undoubtedly, these voices were much stronger than weapons and destructive forces being imported to Afghanistan in the past several years to intimidate and terrorize the innocent Afghans. When the Taliban kill an innocent human being or destroy a bridge or street, they chant Allahu Akbar while claiming they are waging Jihad. But Tuesday’s night Allah Akbar was more powerful that has completely destroyed Taliban’s distorted version of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony that has united all the human beings and it is also a rapid growing religious in the world. It gives so many joys and happiness to see the Afghans reclaim the usage of Allahu Akbar to reject injustice and the Allahu Akbar that were used by the militants to evoke terror, is now being used to unify the Afghans and the Afghan elites to stand against the Taliban and force them to realize that the people of Afghanistan are already a good Muslims. The spirit of living will not die among the Afghans. Despite being at war for four decades, the hope for a better tomorrow had never been smashed up. In the wake of foreign troop complete exist, and while the international community is turning their backs, the Afghans did not bowed to the pressures, rather the campaign of Allahu Akbar is just the beginning as the western media outlets have already been projected a gloomy Afghanistan but the Afghans have not given up and they will never do so. The chant of Allahu Akbar has been hijacked by the Taliban and other militant outfits for many years to justify their wrongdoings and use it as a great excuse to kill and torture innocent people. Today the Afghans have taken back this important expression (Allahu Akbar) to use it in the way of peace and coexistence. From now on Allahu Akbar slogan must be used against the force of ignorance and proxy and the brave Afghan security forces are the true defender of the holy Islam that currently engaged in the fight against proxy occupation of our country.

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