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Editorial: Arming the nation, despite a 350,000-strong army

The government vows to fuel the residents in fighting against the Taliban as clashes proceeding across the country. The government seems desperate as the Taliban have recently captured several districts in North amid the withdrawal of international forces that arises tensions over an upcoming civil wars. The distribution of weapons to the local people creates a state of confusion in the Afghan war. Afghanistan has over 350,000 Afghan National Defense and Security Forces but it still try to persuade the residents for armed conflicts with the Taliban. Fueling these local armed groups is posing concerns in a variety of ways. On one hand, the people will no longer hold trust on the Afghan security forces to rely on them for their protection in spite of the fact that these forces inflicted a significant number of casualties on battle fields- and they will lose their morals and credibility in fight against the Taliban,  and on the other hand, the local armed groups belong to the previous armed parties- who were involved in triggering civil war in Afghanistan in 1992s- and are accused of war crimes and law disobedience. Back in 1992s, when the government of Dr. Najibullah collapsed, the local armed groups belong to the Mujahideen engaged in civil wars that cause heavy damages and harm to the people. The government should instead of supporting the public armed groups, try to draw support of from the people and international community to the Afghan security forces. The Afghan forces represent the whole nation, not a specific party, ethnic or group of people. Although, these forces are currently facing shortage of ammunition and equipment, they have paid highly pricy sacrifices to protect their people. Afghanistan is currently in a critical condition, and therefore, any national vital decision should be taken with absolute caution and in consultation with the leader of the country. Before it is too late, the government should mull over this wrong policy of war. There should be no public armed group involved in the Afghan conflict; otherwise the people will drastic challenges of- civil war- ethnic war- and rise in criminal activities- as a result of these public armed groups’ fueling by the government. At this critical moment, any further damage should be prevented as Afghanistan has already plunged into crisis.

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