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Editorial: Attack on International Organizations

A main compound of the UN in west of the country was attacked with rockets and guns hours after the Taliban fighters entered the capital city of Heart province following hours long fighting with the Afghan security forces. The attack faced strong reactions on national and international level. With concerns mounting over surge in violence by the Taliban- that also faced condemnation by human rights watchdogs- the group appears with focus on armed conflicts rather than seeking political settlement. The Taliban has earned some legitimacy and reputation after the Doha agreement signed between the group and the U.S. on February 2020 in the wake of marathon rounds of peace negotiations. Although initial hopes and optimisms were merely shined among Afghans for a peaceful end to the 40-year war- that also left tens of thousands of people killed and wounded- the Taliban’s insist on violence and the incumbent government leadership’s greediness for power printed a U-turn of peace ensuring in Afghanistan. The violence has been rapidly intensified as the insurgents retched up pressure on the Afghan government with setting attacks across the country. The Taliban in one hand are trying to earn international legitimacy and reputation, and on the other hand, are putting their best into actions with ramping up attack on government institution. The group’s intention of seeking military win- which will possibly trigger a civil war or face the opposition of Afghans and international community- shows that it devoid compassion for the people. According to data, over 70,000 Afghan security forces, 60,000 Taliban fighters and over 50,000 civilians were killed during this 20 year. The tally may show a major undercount but is still a high price for peace and stability of the country as all sides suffering from this senseless war are Afghans despite the fact that some foreign fighters are fighting under the Taliban command. Attacking international organization undermines the credibility of the Taliban- a group which already owes a biased background towards freedom and democracy- but also damage the reputation of Afghanistan in the world. Our country mainly relies on international organization and foreign aids. Any tiny damage to these organizations can cause a huge damage to the people of Afghanistan. We need to draw the support of the world amid ongoing crisis. The government should also pay its best to protect these organizations and prevent the country from plunging into more crisis.

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