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Editorial: Continuing efforts for peace

The security dialogue peace is the number one demand. We, the Afghan masses want peace before anything else because all development depends in a peaceful environment. There is no doubt that Afghan people have been praying and desperately waiting to see peace and stability to be restored in our motherland. Afghanistan is a country that ravaged by three decades of war, noting this, peace is a precious commodity. The new generation growth under insecurity and know nothing but conflict, violence, and instability. Peace sill remains fragile. We must do anything under our capacity to help National Unity Government (NUG) in bringing peace—a fundamental source toward progress. Moreover, not to forget that women’s role is also very much vital to the peace-building progress. Peace simply cannot be achieved if half of the nation is unable to help create it. Surely, we want life, and without peace there is no life for us. This is why everyone from high-ranking government officials to commoners has to make indefatigable efforts in order to achieve this noble need. Confidently can say that peace is at hand of Afghans, what to do is just need to recognize it. Thought from political lens, all it requires is an honest cooperative effort between US and Pakistan to force the agent of chase ‘militant outfits’ to renounce violence and join the Afghan peace and reconciliation process. There is no denying to the fact that Pakistan has been the major player as it has been supporting and harboring militant outfits since longtime. Even Pakistan officials confirmed they have links with the Taliban insurgents, and capable of bringing them to the table of negotiation with the Afghan government. Anyways, not out of topic, at end this is only Afghan capacity that could bring peace. In that effort, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies, under wise leadership of Dr. Davood Moradian, organized sixth security conference aimed at enhancing cooperation among regional security forces. Security officials, politicians, diplomats and representatives from 19 countries and international organizations participated in the sixth Herat Security Dialogue where they discussed different aspect how to bring peace. This conference is the best example that we must rely in our own capacity and give joint hand with each other to end the prolong miseries in our country. Undoubtedly, such conference in which national figures and academics and foreign delegations come together under one roof and talk about the region, and the world’s situation, will surely have an impact on the international decision making process—as dialogue help us to remove misunderstanding straightforwardly.

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