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Editorial: Is peace possible?

Media reports reveals that the Doha based Taliban leaders have added five more members in the team who are going to negotiate the peace deal with the United States through its special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad. Earlier, Taliban team is comprising 14 leading negotiators. Though venue and schedule of the important round of talks is not yet declared but it likely to take place at Doha Qatar in coming a few days. Ironic to mention that matter pertained to peace talks are being made complicated with every passing day. US and Afghanistan are already talking and negotiating arrangements for Moscow and Doha like intra Afghan conferences. Pakistan making attempts to get credit for willingness for continue talks between US and Taliban and assured of brining Taliban towards the negotiation table with the Afghan government. Now it is confirmed that not only Afghan Taliban are acting in according Pakistan dictations but Pakistani militant’s presence also seem beneficial for Pakistan. Similarly, through one or the other ways, Pakistan has also made convince the US to follow its line on Afghanistan issue. And the hardships are being made complicated day by day for the Afghan government due to continue violent and terror acts, which has made miserable lives of innocent and helpless people. The Afghans have attached great hopes with the US and other member or international community but the international community yet to honour its commitments regarding return of peace and an end to foreign interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Now when Taliban showed readiness for a decisive round of negotiations with the US and later to be made agreed for talks with the Afghan government, the international community needs to make fruitful and historical this round. Since holding of historical meeting between President Donald Trump and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at White House previous week violent acts across Afghanistan are intensified, thus making doubtful the Afghans about sincerity of United States in particular and rest of international community in general. Now when the war affected people are going for making another chapter in history of democracy, therefore, democratic world needs to help in completion of Presidential polls, scheduled to be held on September 28 in a peaceful manner. The Taliban leaders needs to be merciful at this stage as now all of them are well aware about intentions of almost regional and neighboring countries regarding Afghanistan.

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