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Editorial: Social reforms, key to fighting crime

Noting the street crimes – muggings – purse, laptop, and cell-phone snatching – robberies and growing criminal fists on helpless Kabul residents, left no other choice but to bring the First Vice President Amrullah Saleh to the fore, aiming to clean up the city of a citywide robbery division. As crime and insecurity is rising in the capital city day by day, Mr. Saleh will look directly after Kabul security in the upcoming several weeks. Time will speak on his performances. All the eyes are on him at the moment. He is a man of hard work and follow-up with a background of being NDS chief and interior minister. But it would be pre-jubilant to anticipate his malfunction or triumph. Within 10 days, at least 14 people have been killed in crime and security incidents in Kabul. The recent failure to curb the lawlessness and rising crime, in addition to assassinations and sticky bombs has been heavily exploited by the Taliban has created a perception that law enforcement agencies even can’t protect its capital, and this has been true so far. Certainly, there are several dimensions behind uptick in crime rates – poverty, overpopulation, unemployment, starvation as a result of endemic corruption, and etc… have played well in this sinister loom. Digging in the issue from the perspective of security expertise could not chalk out a permanent solution to the unrelenting peril. A comprehensive social policy to reduce crime is important rather than coercion – holistic approach could prove able-bodied. Only arresting criminals isn’t all over—it’s about overall society that is creating those thugs. We have to change the norms of society if we want to end these crimes. In correlation to the straight solution, neighborhood watch is the best way to take crime out of our community. The members of these watch groups would be volunteers within a community who look for and report about suspicious activity. They can be cooperative as neighborhood surveillance when police aren’t around. This way could effectively reduce the number of opportunities for criminals to commit crime. Watch groups can be formed by police, and trained by them.

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