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Editorial: Take your time

Planning to withdraw from Afghanistan is indeed a big task for the US administration under the leadership of Joe Biden who is apparently in a hurry to take out the remaining US troops. It’s good to withdraw from Afghanistan and give the ongoing peace process a chance to succeed. The Taliban insisted on the full withdrawal of foreign troops as mentioned in the US-Taliban deal signed last year in Qatar. Anyways, the withdrawal will not happen on the due time (May 1) that has been negotiated by the former US President Donald Trump administration and the Taliban. The US seemingly will not undertake a hasty or disorderly withdrawal where violence has been increased across the country despite the call for reduction of violence that must result into a comprehensive ceasefire gone to deaf hear. The Biden administration is also working to induce the Taliban to agree to the extension of the pullout deadline giving diplomats more time to negotiate. Taking into account the current war, which is deadly and there is no cut in links between the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorist group, the pull out within several months is a very destabilizing effort. The Taliban has much homework to do, like reduction in violence, cut links with other terrorist groups, and come forward with a clear standpoint in regards to women rights, human rights, and child rights – respect the diversity and freedom of expression. We have changed a lot since the collapse of their regime. However, still there is room for compromise and both sides should have to stand ready for this in order to reach a political settlement to end the fatal war. Pulling out of troops before reaching an agreement with the Taliban would be an unwise approach. It would be best for the US to take more time in order to make the right decision in Afghanistan. Without doubt, the Afghans are favoring peace because they are the main victim of these four decades of war, and they are dying for peace, but not all kinds of peace – it must be a dignified one. Let’s not forget that imposing peace will not last long – there is a need for a broad based plan to end the Afghan war from its route. The Afghan leaders must also wake up from daydreaming rather make a unified peace roadmap for the upcoming Turkey conference which is a historic opportunity to convince the Taliban for a political end to the war.

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