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Editorial: The Makkah Summit on Afghan Peace

The religious clerics of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in a recent summit declared the Afghan war illegal and forbidden. The summit was hosted by Saudi Arabia in Makkah via zoom conference. The Afghans welcome anyone who put any step forward in to grip this nation with peace and reconciliation. The Taliban put Islamic System as an excuse to prolong bloodshed and this current relentless violence while our holy religion prohibits even causing a drop of blood to an innocent human. Unfortunately, the opportunist neighbors and enemies of Afghanistan have always sought destabilizing our country under the title of Islamic Regulations in a bid to reach their biased interests. The grimy actions of these elements has not only pose carnage, bloodbath and trauma in Afghanistan but also printed an unfair picture of Islam to the world while the truth is absolutely in contrary with the reality of this holly religion. There is no harming to any innocent person in Islam even to the disbelievers but what we have seen in this war-torn country was the pouring the blood of thousands of people under various titles in the past four decades. The main people who have been suffering of this series of carnage are the Afghans. The U.S. led allies stationed here for 20 years but have not been harmed as severely as the Afghans. People fighting on both warring parties are the people of this soil. To come to a conclusion, the Ulema, tribal elders and activists can play play an important role in ending violence and ensuring in Afghanistan. The responsibility to move this war-weary country to peace and reconciliation lies on every Afghan.  The government should attempt to draw the support of Ulema who could provide the people with sound and safe rhetoric to not let anyone abuse the Islamic titles for their personal and biased goal and therefore; our country would be out of all traumas that spread a dark shadow on every Afghan home.

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