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Editorial: War crimes trial

Conflicts in Afghanistan make huge part of contemporary world history. Even Americans know about the Afghan war more than the Civil War or Cold War era because it is the longest war in the US history. Presence of US troops is troubling the Americans. They want end to the US armed forces in Afghanistan because they are tired of seeing their loved ones in the coffins. They have logic. Afghans always appreciated the government and people of the United States of American for the sacrifices and support. They stood in the most difficult times with Afghan people and the government.

However, there is also the other side which we cannot ignore. Crimes should be discouraged at all levels. Crimes are punishable whether committed by state or non-state actors. There is no immunity for men and women inform. Discrimination questions existence of the legal and democratic system and erodes public trust over the government and all those who are seen as friendly forces. Same is the case of Afghanistan. Afghans see all those as criminals who disrespect the UN conventions or violate laws. They want laws to be implemented in letter and spirit. Afghan people are tired of wars and lawlessness. Therefore, they see all those as criminals who consider themselves above the law and torture or harass people.

When Americans are tired of the war that they have waged then what would be the mental state of Afghans? Feelings and emotions of Afghans are not different than those of the US citizens. However, the difference is that the latter felt after 15 years that wars are ugly and deadly. The US nationals have the resources and power to put a full stop to killing of their loved ones in Afghanistan. Moreover, the US government can hold those accountable who have harassed, tortured or killed Americans. Unfortunately, Afghans are not that lucky.

They cannot end the war that has been imposed on them for decades. Furthermore, they cannot bring those to justice who killed their family members or friends. Apart from that Afghans had no role in the 9/11 but yet they are paying the price in the war against terrorism—more than any other nation on this planet. When Afghans are paying the cost, then their lives should be respected. Afghanistan shall not become a place to commit war crimes or test weapons, military tactics and strategies.

To respect aspirations of Afghans, the US authorities should provide required assistance to the International Criminal Court to launch a free and thorough investigation into the allegations of kidnapping, torture and rape of detainees in Afghanistan by the CIA and US armed forces. It will not restore trust of Afghans over their ally but also discourage war crimes and extremism. Most of people are joining insurgents so they could take revenge one day. They will have no reason to join militants if justice was provided.

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